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Edwin Neal
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Re: Regarding James Smith

but this is no clearer now... he supposedly disrespected many people on this forum and then disregarded what i would call in military parlance an unlawful order to apologize, when one was not really necessary... did he 'do' something else??? if so was it of a magnitude to warrent this response on your part? was he disruptive in class, did his actions endanger the safety of other students??? or was his simple refusal to submit to ultimatums the cause? I am still unconvinced... i have a gut feeling that James has become a sort of whipping boy when he really did nothing that most other posters have not done... that is be somewhat flippant in his remarks and not consider all the implications of his words... as we cannot see the contents of another person's mind and outward appearances can be deceiving... how then does one 'demonstrate' a willingness to learn? especially in the face of such "hyper" criticism??? if he did blatantly break the rules as stated by your dojo/organization in writing, then he deserves some form of punishment, but no one has yet shown that this is so... i continue to maintain innocence until proven guilty... with respect to all...

Edwin Neal

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