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Mark Freeman
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Re: Regarding James Smith

Roosvelt Freeman wrote:
You forgot that you don't own this forum. You're NOT even a paying member. Do you think you have the right to invite someone to "my" house?
Edwin, please do try not to be so forgetful,

I'm with you on this one, it seems to me that many of "James's" posts were a those of a young guy, quite happy to provoke by being brash ( and in some cases rude ), and in one post in particular he was quite explicit in saying that the web was not the place for manners and niceties ( my paraphrase ). We collectively as a contributors seemed to get our 'nickers in a twist' and rose to his childish baiting, more fool us.

As for his dojo and their actions, they are perfectly entitled to do whatever they see fit with any of their members regarding discipline. Non of us are in any position to comment other than to air an opinion for public view.

So, IMHO whenever possible I believe it is best to include rather than exclude, even if that means having to deal with unruly behaviour. If families kicked out every teenager every time they caused trouble, the streets would be awash with them.

I won't go so far as to invite 'James' back as I see ( as a non paying member ) it is not my place to do so but at least if he were here we could find out if he has gained anything from all the fuss he has generated.


p.s how do I join up to the Aiki beer drinkers association?

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