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Edwin Neal
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Re: Regarding James Smith

without getting into the specific behaviors, then all of our speculation is pointless... does a sensei/organization have the right to intrude into your personal life? what about legal consumption of alcohol or tobacco... do we exile all members of the "Aiki beer drinkers association" just because the dojo/sensei doesn't condone drinking??? can you be kicked out for doing some thing that is a personal choice... not an illegal act??? I think James did nothing on aikiweb that warrented this kind of response... what kind of actions "in the dojo" were the problem??? did they fall into the area of personal actions outside the dojo??? if someone were to ask me to apologize for something that was said on a public forum 'OR ELSE' i would see that as invasive and overly controlling... such ultimatums and dictatorial control of the individual are an invasion of personal freedom and liberty, as well as, privacy... does a sensei or organization have the right to control more than your aiki life... ie who you see or date or marry etc... Will, my question to you and the others that are directly involved is did these actions/behaviors include things that we would all generally agree were "dojo rules" such as safety ie no horseplay on the mat or were they beyond the scope of such 'common rules'... I would also like to invite James back... you do have one (at least) defender here that wants you to continue your training, and to not be intimidated into submitting to 'unreasonable' demands that fall outside the dojo's "ma ai"... i am not saying that such is the case, but hoping that it is not... i have met many students that come in with a skeptical, and confrontational attitude, but with patience these usually cure themselves when aikido is applied... not necessarily physically, but in broader more spiritual terms... again i invite you back...

Edwin Neal

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