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Will Schutt
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Re: Regarding James Smith

I am one of the instructors in the dojo that "James Smith" attended. I am very disappointed in the outcome of this situation and I understand and agree with a lot of the sentiment that has been expressed here (all sides).

I encourage everyone to continue this very interesting discussion.However, not everyone knows the details of this particular situation and those details will not be divulged in a public forum by us. Please keep that in mind.

"James Smith" behaved in a manner that the dojo leadership found unacceptable (not just here on aikiweb). He was given ample chance to remedy the situation, but he chose not to do so. I think that is pretty simple, however, the devil is in the details.

To be clear, the decision not to fulfill those requirements was James's and the decision to no longer "continue extending the deadlines" was that of his instructors. No one was kicked out of anything.

That being said, we welcome anyone that wishes to visit our dojo --

Will Schutt
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