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Is it proper?

The reason I opened this thread is to hear from everyone here of some opinions , suggestions, encouragement or anything about the difficulty we have now in our dojo.

I titled this thread "Is it proper?" because my primary concern here is on the SYSTEM of teaching, teaches by our current instructor (who is 4th dan and who is the replacement to our regular instructor who left for U.S. two years ago) . But just to make it clear that I am not referring here to a person, but on persons characteristic way of teaching... Of course I am grateful for his talent, time and effort that he spend to us and I am greatly appreciative on his seriousness to share his knowledge and to do his part for us. But again I think the only problem I've seen here is the system he uses in his teaching.

During the class he puts himself and stay in front of every partnered students and always commenting as: "not like that,,, that is wrong,,, always do this,,, or like this and such" and I never heard any word of encouragement from him and I never heard anything from him that there is anyone from us got what he taught. He teaches one level of teaching (and I don't know on what level is that) and it must be assimilated by everybody regardless of rank kyu or dan grade. But as I mentioned no one got his style including black belters so what more the white belters who doesn't even have enough knowledge about the proper foot-work and posture? Can anyone imagine the scenario in the dojo?. So practically all we're doing are wrong, all of us 6th kyu to sandan including guest( junior black or his contemporaneous) are all wrong , no one got his style for the past two quandary years of my experienced with him… While every after a class he quotes "you are lucky enough to have us, who teach you everything in detail that other dojos don't normally do". and also a word such as ." my teaching is a masteral" (and I really don't comprehend what he meant by his word masteral if he keeps on insisting it to white belters). So technically every session concluded with the feeling of frustrating to every student specially the beginners because nobody got what he taught… So are we really lucky?

It is not that I compare him in our former instructor where the environment in the dojo is fairly good, there we have many practitioners , the regular practice is so smooth, everything is practically in order and perfect. but now we're continuously decreasing in numbers, while the only point here is the proper way of teaching.

I am reluctant to open this kind of situation on this site as you know because it has to be an internal, but I need some enlightenment from everyone on whether my observation is wrong or whatever.

So I expect input from any readers here, positive or negative will highly be appreciated.

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