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Re: Regarding James Smith

Well said David. There were messages that are no longer here that, if I had said them, I would be expected to make an apology. That is all that was asked of "James", who as he said in one of his messages, is nineteen years old. Old enough to be held responsible for what he did. I and the instructors of the dojo were not worried about what anyone thought of us or the rest of the organization. Some like us and respect us and some don't, I suspect. I treat the serious discussion sites for budo on the internet as places where we maintain a certain etiquette. Some do not. I apologize for the uproar this has caused. The behavior was here and it seemed like the thing to do to let everyone that was upset know what was happening. The community that develops around a site like this is still new to us all and we have much to learn. As I said earlier, I would like the young man to continue his training if he is willing to learn to take part responsibly. It has nothing to do with trying to be Japanese, it's about human conduct and trust. Again, I apologize for the disturbance. I won't comment about this matter here again.

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