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Re: Drunken-master Aikido

Edwin Neal wrote:
if the saying one fights the way one trains is valid i would assume one should also train the way one fights... if you are likely to use your aikido in a bar fight ie while drinking, it would make sense to practice drunken master aikido...LOL

Well, Drunken-master Aikido saved my life. Well, either it's quite possible is was either the alcohol or the aikido, maybe not both.

Many years ago (when I was less responsible and mature than the paragon of virtue I am today) I was returning home, by bus, from a night of training and consequent after-training drinking. Let's just say that I was rather judgement-impaired and leave it at that.

Well, my particular stop was not well-lit. So when the bus opened the door to let me out I did not notice it had not stopped.

So, blithely unaware of how newtonian physics was about to rudely intersect my world, I stepped off...

...and hit the ground with a sideways velocity sufficient to bowl me over. Luckily, about 3 or 4 mae ukemi later, I was back on my feet and wondering what the bloody hell just happened. Not even a scratch.

And the expressions on the faces of the people at the window of the bus were priceless!

Moral of the story: alcohol + = practical step for self-preservation.

True mastery can be gained
by letting things go their own way.

Lao Tzu - Tao Te Ching, Ch48
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