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Re: Regarding James Smith

Mr. Neal,

One of the things "James" was saying to his instructors in the dojo was that he was concerned that some people on aikiweb that felt he was disrespectful would come to Texas looking for him and start trouble in the dojo.

I've clipped some things that may have led to that:

"Where is James did we scare him away???
…hey i miss james, trolls are an opportunity to practice my no touch throws!!!"

"i asked him where his dojo was as i will be in texas in march and was hoping to meet him, and possibly work out... do you have some info that could help me..."

"i'm just sad he hasn't been back... i miss all of his flopping and twitching... kind of like watching a trainwreck..."

"you have to be cruel to be kind in the right measure"..

"where is james? they must have locked him in the dojo for the endless attutide adjusting randori!"

Those quotes were all clipped from your messages. Since you didn't mean what he possibly inferred from these things (since you said above that you have his best interests at heart), I wonder if your advice about practicing Ueshiba Morihei's philosophy might go both ways?

There is still ongoing discussion to see if "James" wants to do his part to fit in with others at the dojo. I, too, would like to see him hang around. I certainly wouldn't be who I am today if I'd been kicked out of the dojo when I was going through adolescence. I did have to meet certain requirements of behavior though. So does he, as do we all.

Chuck Clark
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