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Re: Regarding James Smith

David, there is a big difference between "not getting it" and trying to make a mockery of it. This person was not on here confused, looking for constructive input. That would not put him or his organization in a bad light. He was being a jackass, in order to stir up conflict. I doubt that Chiba Sensei, in spite of his above-reproach credentials, would condone this sort of disruption and disrespect from any student flying his flag. It is up to the organization to decide if they were harmed or disrespected, and they obviously decided that they were. I cannot criticize them for that. And they DID try to reason with him first, to no avail. There are many here who might be considered irreverent, but still able to participate constructively in the discussions. But this was useless and over-the-top. And his dojo didn't have him drawn and quartered, they simply told him that they had no place for his unacceptable attitude, which is certainly within their rights.
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