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Re: Regarding James Smith

I do think you raise an interesting point as to how real all this is and who cares on how it affects anyone if it does at all. That idea though didn't help James because he was here under a fictitious name hiding his identity while he said all kinds of things but at his dojo, where there were real people around who could give him some direct feedback, he was quiet. I guess we could say that in the make believe world, he was a lion but in the real one, he was like the proverbial mouse. If all this isn't real, then he should be back here in full form soon.
Indeed... It's funny, all this time he was talking through a made up identity. Perhaps saying the things he couldn't say as himself... But if we look at it, he was hiding his identity, and in the same instance any connection with the dojo he "claimed" to be part of. If people were incredibly offended they would have went to his dojo or contacted it (I'm sure someone must have), seen there was no James Smith and assumed it was all a load of BS, as is with many cases. But I never really seen him talk trash about his teacher or school (granted I didn't miss any of his post, but I may have.). Indeed his choice of words were distasteful, his thought process beyond what "he thought" limited, and his honesty more then lacking, but there are two situations, he enjoyed trolling and getting a rouse out of people (In which case ignore him), or he truly didn't know what he was talking about ( In this case enlighten him). The amount of control people claim to have on one's freedom of expression confuses me. We can punish, but they don't always learn a lesson, perhaps "James" will.

Reading his post over, most annoyed me, and gave me motive to write snarky comments, but what did that do? Add a little gas to the fire. Then I sit back and think, what does it matter, it's ONE PERSON'S opinion, I never felt he represented anyone, I never even knew where his Dojo was or who his teacher was... If anything I assumed he had no teacher at all and read a lot. People should not be concerned with what others say about them, because you can't make it through life without enemies or at least a few that dislike you. Some move on some try to ruin you, but in reality their attempts usually don't succeed, people eventually get bored and move on...

As Dave has said, a lot of people go by what they think the Japanese would do... This seems to be irrational thought, because by stating "If it were a Japanese dojo... then X would happen!" Really? then does this not imply that we think all Japanese think alike? When in reality I'm quite confident that their opinions vary just as much as ours... But that's my view and I see many have been written since I started mine... So my argument has seasoned .

By the way I'm more of a "to each his own" type myself. So it was the instructors choice, right for him, maybe not others but that's how the cookie crumbles...

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