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Re: Regarding James Smith

Hi Chuck,

That is the thing, isn't it? Within "reason." You are right. Thanks for pointing this out.

Yet, "reason" is so personal. One has to decide, of course, one has to have some sort of decision making process, but it remains arbirtary - purely subjective - no matter how "objective" or "reasonable" we may seem to appear, no matter how long or convulted our decision making process may be. I guess that is my point - and it can only be my point - that's the point. lol I'm sure you are getting what I am trying to say.

The following is tying in for me here...

The other day, my mom was telling me of my sister (older than I) and how she is planning on going skiing with her friend - the two families going together. My sister's friend had her son killed in an accident a couple years back - my nephew's best friend (3rd grade). Since then, her marriage broke in divorce, she had become addicted to drugs, and she's tried to commit suicide. My mom was worried, is worried, to have this friend around my sister's son - her grandson, my nephew. My mom feels this friend is getting too attached to my sister's son now that her son of the same age is gone. My mom sees her as a risk. I told my mom, a long devout Catholic, "This is your daughter's friend, with all that she has suffered, do you expect your daughter to abandon her now? Should not a friend be there when a friend is down and out and not just when they are up and in?" My mom said, "Yes, but it is dangerous." It made me think (and eventually say): "To follow Christ, to walk the Path, to practice real love and real compassion, is always dangerous. In fact, we know these Ways by the danger that marks them - so much so that we may know we have strayed by the safety and by the lower levels of risk that have returned to us."

Well, I'm just thinking out loud here - no point in listening.

You are always very kind and I am always very thankful.

David M. Valadez
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