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Re: Regarding James Smith

Michael O'Brien wrote:
It was brought up that "James" should have been cut some slack in his poor posting style because of him being an aiki-newbie. That is crap. It doesn't take any training whatsoever in Aikido to treat people with common courtesy and respect. He chose to be rude and confrontational for whatever reason, but it wasn't because he was a newbie Aikido student.

Also, regarding his reflecting poorly on his dojo and then having the right to kick him out for it. I can sit here and make claims to have affiliation with any dojo I choose and badmouth the dojo, the instructors, etc. and "reflect poorly on them". It takes only a slight amount of common sense in such a case to look at the source and determine if you think it is a reliable source. I never once thought a negative thought about the dojo or instructors "james" claimed to have association with. If there were 4, 5, 10 or more students all from the same dojo behaving in a boorish manner then perhaps there is an issue in that dojo; But one inexperienced student spouting off at the mouth should be viewed as what he is. One inexperienced student who could have benefited greatly from someone with more experience viewing him as a project to undertake instead of a problem to get rid of.

*drops .02 in the bucket*
Good point.

Yeah - I think the state of a dojo's bathroom tells you more about a dojo than one student. A senpai of mine went to this famous Shidoin's dojo. He didn't stay to train as deshi. I asked him why - with this dojo being so close to his new home. He said, "The bathrooms were worse than a gas station's bathroom. If the bathrooms look like that, somewhere, something is wrong in the dojo."

Yet, again, many folks long to train at this dojo, dirty bathrooms and all. I imagine they'd still be pissed off at J. Smith however.

David M. Valadez
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