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Chuck Clark
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Re: Regarding James Smith

Hello David,

Respectfully, we obviously trained under different Japanese teachers and in different dojo. There are quite a lot of Japanese that when faced with something they don't want to deal with they have an attitude of "shigata ganai" or that can't be helped. Of course, it's a case by case basis, but not all Japanese will let you do whatever you like in their dojo.

Your statement, "In the past, I have had students hate me, attack me, betray me, want to kill me, etc. I always saw it as part of the game - so I always stuck with them. These students are today always my most loyal and my most representative of the dojo." is interesting to me. I admit, none of the things you listed would endear someone to me and allow them to stay in my dojo. The don't have to love me, agree with some things, etc. but there is a limit. Trying to knock me out, throw me on my butt every time they get their hands on me is okay. Disagree with many things, okay...but hate, betrayal, wanting to kill you...these things won't fit in my dojo. It takes all kinds, and I suspect there's a dojo somewhere out there that they'll fit in.

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