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Jorge Garcia
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Re: Regarding James Smith

David Valadez wrote:
Ah yes, but the right to privacy and/or a personal/individual perspective - the right to say "this is of me and not of you" - is worth a gazillion apologies and (i.e. plus) 1,536,324 dojo.
You either missed my point or you got it right on. I'm not sure which it is. Again, I agree with what you said and by not apologizing, he exercised that right to be himself and he is welcome still to come back here. Jun hasn't banned him last time I checked but even here, he'd better be careful because you still shouldn't yell "fire in a crowded theater". Free speech and individuality is everyone's right but at some point, you may have to pay a price depending on how "free" you intend to be. Despite the fact he's out of his dojo, that was also his choice. He didn't own the dojo and they don't owe him anything. He can find a dojo that he likes or start his own and then see how many people will want a Sensei who talks like he does.

I do think you raise an interesting point as to how real all this is and who cares on how it affects anyone if it does at all. That idea though didn't help James because he was here under a fictitious name hiding his identity while he said all kinds of things but at his dojo, where there were real people around who could give him some direct feedback, he was quiet. I guess we could say that in the make believe world, he was a lion but in the real one, he was like the proverbial mouse. If all this isn't real, then he should be back here in full form soon.

"It is the philosophy that gives meaning to the method of training."
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