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Re: Regarding James Smith

Edwin Neal wrote:
i in no way took james' comments to represent anyone other than himself... i don't remember him 'telling' what dojo or teacher he represented... contract or not a sensei or organization does not concern itself with my life outside the dojo unless we agree to share that...
Mr. Neal,

If you didn't take "James's" comments to represent anyone other than himself, why did you ask where he practiced so you could visit...?

"what dojo do you study at? does it have a web site? where is it located? who is your sensei? just interested as i will be in texas in march..."
Edwin Neal

If he had told you and you had visited, do you think you'd have been there alone, just the two of you? It seems to me that "James" was, in fact, representing lots of other people, not just himself. He just didn't follow through.

"James" did represent himself as a member of our organization. He was given the choice to alter his behavior on the web and decided not to. If he had, he might have learned many valuable lessons.

Chuck Clark
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