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Edwin Neal
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Re: Regarding James Smith

i do not represent anyone other than myself... no one should unless asked or put into a position of representation... i in no way took james' comments to represent anyone other than himself... i don't remember him 'telling' what dojo or teacher he represented... contract or not a sensei or organization does not concern itself with my life outside the dojo unless we agree to share that... what if your sensei doesn't think your choice of girl/boyfriend is appropriate? or job? or type of car? or manner of dress? etc... we cannot take some moral highground, and beat others with our morality... if aikido practice is for developing ourselves as humans... then should it only be reserved for those that do not need it most? is this hypocritical? I do not think james deserved the punishment he got... more likely he will now 'represent' aikido as an elitist thin-skinned bunch who don't interact with people who do not conform to their fuzzy, haphazard scheme of behavior... and are ready to get all 'snotty' when people 'say' things that hurt their feelings... aren't aikidoka supposed to be better than that?

Edwin Neal

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