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Jorge Garcia
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Re: Regarding James Smith

Ian Hurst wrote:
Clark, while I can understand and agree in part with your viewpoint, I do have to take issue with this bit as it begs the question, how much authority does the dojo have over your life outside the dojo.

Now, you can argue that as aikiweb is almost an adjunct to training for many people (their web dojo for want of an ability to make cool names up), dojo etiquette extends to the posts which brings in the nice sensei ses and all the rest.

Alternatively, which is my personal preference, the two are separate and James should only have been asked to leave the dojo for poor practice in the dojo or asked to leave aikiweb for breaking forum rules. They may interact on occasion, but I'm not a fan of the dojo extending beyond the limits of the practice.
I disagree. James can still post here. This is still a free forum. He was in a dojo and they have their standards and he was informed of those. They have a right to ask their members to hold to a standard in how they want their members to act on a martial arts forum. James has the right to go elsewhere to train if he doesn't like their standard. Both of those principles had a meeting and each party made their choice.

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