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Re: Regarding James Smith


Firstly, I don't agree at all with your example of equating posts from what was obviously an immature individual, who by their own words had a disconnect between the "real world" and the web, to a direct physical confrontation at a seminar.

As for the poster somehow representing the dojo, I'll concede you some concern there. However, aikiweb is, as you said, a public forum where anyone can interact, it is not in any way equivocal to a structured forum where people are invited to participate as a representative of their dojo, so not really an issue.

Indeed, I'd be surprised if anyone had taken Jame's posts as that dojos mission statement. Unless someone claims otherwise, I assume all posts are from an individual, to automatically assume otherwise (as you are implying may be done) would severely curtail the type of poster we would have

With regard to reputation, a mere statement distancing themselves from the posters views would have sufficed if they felt it was necessary. I don't believe it was necessary.

Final question, if your dojo insists on certain standards outside the training hall/seminar etc., is that mentioned in your handbook? I'd be interested if anyone has such a caveat.

Please don't misunderstand me, I am not defending the little darling, but I would defend his right to be an ass in public.
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