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Derek Gaudet
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Re: Regarding James Smith

Everyone here makes good points, but perhaps it would have been easier to ask "James" to leave the forum. While this is the cyberspace Dojo I'll agree that "James" was overstepping the rules, his comments were harsh, rude, unnecessary at times, but perhaps caused by ignorance (He was indeed only studying for a few months). Our replies to him contributed to his act, had we decided to remain silent and ignore, perhaps he'd of simply found pleasure in going somewhere else. For how can someone argue when no one will rebut? "It is sometimes better to remain silent and be thought a fool, then to open one's mouth and remove all doubt." For people making such comments as James it is best to ignore, because simply they are looking for attention... If we give them the attention they ask, are we not positively reinforcing their individual act's? Simply yes, in a sense we contributed to his continuation of irrational responses, yet where is James now? No longer training, and no longer posting. Perhaps now he is getting in trouble with tougher crowds then ourselves. I for one apologize for contributing to the positive reinforcement of his search for attention in the wrong ways. It is my hope that he will find someone to teach him to become a better individual, however doing that through Aikido now will be somewhat difficult...

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