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Re: Regarding James Smith

IMHO, when a person acts like a spoiled, insensitive brat in a public forum, I think he deserves swift come-uppance from whatever authority figures hold reign. Not very aiki of me, I know, but I earmark my patience and understanding for the deserving. He was not on here to make a contribution. He was on here looking for attention, and made an increasing nuisance of himself, trying to get a rise out of anyone and everyone, until finally he had to play the ultimate hate card to get the level of attention he craves. He needs help, but help cannot be forced upon him. He has to seek it out willingly. Perhaps, now that he realizes that stupid things in cyberspace can have consequences in realtime, he will seek out that help, or at least desist from future indiscretions of this nature. And don't be too hard on his organization, because they DID give him the opportunity to mend his ways before he was banished, and he made his choice. Just one man's opinion.
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