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Re: Backpain

Originally posted by Unregistered
Does any one of you know a remedy for trapped nerve? Painkillers don't work and even the gentlest of ukemis is impossible. My back really hurts . Yes I did see a doctor and he said that he does not really know to do. Thanks for help and suggestions
Hi Backpain,

I'm not sure what you mean by a trapped nerve, but I'm currently having trouble with inflammed lower back muscles putting pressure on my sciatic nerve. It's very painful at times, and like you, ukemi is out of the question right now.

I've been seeing a physical therapist who has been doing wonders for my condition. I went from barely being able to stand two weeks ago, to being back to about 90% mobility with only slight occasional pain. Fortunately my therapist is a student at the dojo who volunteers to help other students for FREE!!! how cool is that!!! (Thanx Mandy!)

Seeing a physical therapist might be something your doctor could recommend? Ask him about it!


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