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Re: Shoulder Injuries

Rest them, but not too much - I have a dislocated collar bone which weakens my shoulder and strained it again about a year ago. Complete rest its not always great - you need to gradually build up the supporting muscle. I suggest seeing a physio. I was a tight bugger (and have had very contradictory and expensive dealings with physios) thus I did tai-chi. - it was great because it was gentle exercise which stretched my shoulders in every direction without force. It also made me aware of the slow improvement in my strength and flexibility. Also chi-gung (standing practise) is a stationary method of building up all those tiny little supporting muscles which we usually ignore (thus resulting in strains).

2 months sounds too soon. You could take steriods or pain killers, but what's the point? Just delay your shodan. Also, try to avoid the use of excessive strength in technique. To me, blending in aikido is not about being weak or not using force, it is using force only when it can't be resisted. Someone using alot of excessive force in any activity is a sign of poor skill development (I should know 'cos I dramatically increased my swimming speed within a month just by reducing my use of power and improving my technique). - difficult to do anything about other people hurting you except relax more, stretch more, tap out earlier and get better as an uke (in protecting yourself).

P.S. chi gung will certainly enable you to relax your shoulders more as well, which is of absolute importance for martial arts.

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