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Dirk Hanss
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Re: Going to Walldorf, Germany

Hi Szczepan,
it was a pleasure to get instructed by you.

Maybe for me it was easier than for many others as making mistakes in one style is as simple as doing so in another style , and I am far away from doing things right.

I was my first dynamic multi-uke jiyu waza - up to now on my level in jiyu waza the technique should be done "correctly" and to keep us calm the uke had to wait for the technique being finished. That type of training seems also to be missing in that dojo, as some of the yudansha didn't perform well either - as far as I felt.

Whenever you are in this area, tell me and I try to come. And maybe next time I can convince some of my dojo fellows, maybe even my sensei.

It is very nice having met you face by face.

And it was much fun.

Regards Dirk
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