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Re: iwama kamae

Hi Rodrigo:

I been training with Saito Sensei for a while and a little longer with Tatoian Sensei. To answer your questions:

We normally call it hanmi if we are doing Taijutsu.

The Hanmi or the stance has been the same, if you look at the older books of M. Saito its very much alike with what H. Saito does. Tatoian Sensei trained with M. Saito in Japan for 7 years in the 70's. He was one of the early GAIJIN to train with M. Saito. When I started training with him, I was corrected for my hanmi.The hanmi that he taught me is the same hanmi H Saito is teaching. He did not train with H Saito but with his father M Saito. When I went to train with H Saito the hanmi is the same. Tatoian Sensei learned it in the 70's and what you are seeing today from H. Saito is basically the same.

I am not sure with other teachers though but my teacher Tatoian Sensei closely resembles the things that they do in Iwama.

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