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Re: Aikido & Pilates

James Kelly wrote:
ps -- re the earlier parts of the thread about the lengthen of muscles. Muscles can absolutely be lengthened and there is scientific literature to back this up. My sister lost much of her leg in a moped accident and they put her in a halo (an external thing screwed into the bone at various places like orthodontists braces for the leg). The halo is usually used to stabilize and lengthen bone while it heals, but it also has the effect of lengthening muscles which is why they used it in her case (many of her muscles were severed and not long enough to reach where they should). After they took the halo off, her muscles had lengthened and they were able to reattach them (there's all kinds of other stuff wrong in there, but each step forward is a good one). So if muscles can be lengthened by an external brace, why not by internal stretching...?
So, in other words, the use of the halo restored her muscles to her original length (pre-accident) by lengthening the bones? That's a vastly different concept than increasing the length of her uninjuried muscles, as I understand it.

As Donny Schreier, said:

"A muscle is attached to a bone on one end, crosses a joint or joints, and attaches to another bone at its other end. The muscle's length is fixed between these two points, and no matter what you do and no matter how you exercise or how hard you try you cannot lengthen this muscle without lengthening the bones to which it is attached, which as you know cannot be done without breaking them."

So if you know of scientific literature that indicates otherwise, I'd love to read it if you can point me in the right direction.


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