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Neil Mick
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Re: Uncooperative participant

Chris Willenbacher wrote:
impeach bush

he's not my president
He IS, unfortunately: our President. He is, for all American's--he's our responsibility, and our mess to clean up, when our gov't and society finally come to their collective senses and make real reforms in gov't.

What I don't understand is, what the Sam Hill does a "leader" have anything to do with

America on the other hand is probably the least respectful country in the world where nobody seems to care about respect, honour or manners.
Oh come on...we respect long as your name's not "Yusuf Islam," "Maher Arar," or "Jose Padilla." We'll be ever so polite, as we extroadinarily render your butt someplace out in the sticks, where the locals can torture you until they get tired of it.

But seriously, there IS a difference btw "American's," and the US. American's can be very polite and respectful, IMO. What they lack is some sense of responsibility, and connection, to what their gov't (the "US") does, supposedly in their name.
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