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Re: Uncooperative participant

Ani: From what I have seen, there is much more respect (and honour) still in Japan than nearly any other country in the world and it would just not be right to disrespect the sensei or his son. America on the other hand is probably the least respectful country in the world where nobody seems to care about respect, honour or manners.

Patrick: Im guessing that your friend had a chat to the sport and rec people already? What did they have to say? What were their reasons for letting the guy come back? Did they know the full story? I'd say the best idea would be to get the authorities on side first, even if that means going in with evidence as Shaun suggested.

It seems to me any martial arts person of medium to high rank that doesnt have any respect for the dojo, the instructors etc has missed a big part of their training and NEEDS to start at the beginning again!!

Good luck with this problem!

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