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Sorry for the lengthy post... this is my first time.

I recently came across a scenario where an instructor, relocating from another town, basically forced his way into an existing Aikido dojo which is run by a close friend of mine.

As I understand it this is a general overview of what took place. This new individual joined the existing dojo with the assumption that he would simply integrate as an instructor. During his first couple of weeks at the dojo he taught on the mat, didn't stick with technique as demonstrated by the instructor, and showed a complete lack of respect towards the existing instructor. As the existing instructor of this dojo became familiar with the intentions of the new individual he very discretely pulled him aside and explained the ground rules of the dojo. The ground rules basically stating that in this dojo there is one instructor, if you want to continue training here you need to accept the rules and follow instruction like everyone else, or train somewhere else.

After having been pulled aside the new individual decided to continue with the same behavior as before, stating that where he comes from he is doing nothing wrong. The existing instructor pulled him aside once again, pointed out the new individuals continued behavior and unwillingness to change, and asked him to leave. Upon hearing this the new individual put up a fight and, long story short, ended up being escorted from the dojo by the police.

Now comes the real dilemma, since this is a dojo operating under the local parks and recreation department final say comes from the city. This new individual went to the recreation center managers and complained, basically forcing his way back into the class. It has been almost a month now and this new individual continues to show blatant disrespect and cause disruption to the whole dojo.

This new individual holds the rank of yondan and comes with obvious aikido experience from a different style of aikido where he taught as a chief instructor. How then does he think this is even remotely acceptable? The way I see it, if my friend's dojo where held in a "traditional dojo" setting there would be no question but to toss this guy out on his rear. However, given the operation of this dojo that seems to be easier said that done.

I find personal interest in this story because I too teach and operate a dojo under the local parks and recreation dept. Has anyone ever experienced a similar situation? I respect the thoughts and opinions of this forum and would like to hear what you have to say.

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