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Re: Shoulder Injuries

Shoulders are one muscle group that never seems to get easier to maintain. If you are prone to tweaking your shoulder tissues (as I have been), add something to your weight bearing excercise program that will strengthen them. Doing some shoulder presses with as little as 10 pounds of weight, or perhaps even just doing some pullups and pushups every other day will probably totally eliminate such minor shoulder problems. On the other hand, if are prone to shoulder dislocation, especially if you suffer from chronic posterior glenohumeral dislocation (shoulders which dislocate to the back rather than to the front), do yourself a favor and find a quality physical therapy/sports medicine clinic and have a professional therapist teach you the specific excercises that will keep your joints together. Once you learn them, DO THEM. I had a wonderful friend who could never quite stick with his PT schedule and it was a tragedy to see his shoulders self destruct over time.
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