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Shoulder Injuries

I recently injured both my shoulders during training and would really like to get some opinions on ways to fix them.

So here's a brief background, my natual reaction to stress seems to be a tightening of my neck and shoulder muscles. Over the last few weeks I've had a lot of stress at work and so even with a really good warmup before training, my neck and shoulders are quite stiff. So much so that someone need only setup for an osae and I'll start to tap out.

I am studying jujutsu and aikido (more jujutsu than aikido) and our style can be a little hard at times. And here's the highlight of it all, I'm going to be testing for shodan in April.
So as you can imagine training has been a bit more intense, we've been playing atleast 6 days a week if not 7.

My first injury was on my left shoulder, a relatively taller guy threw me in a ukiI goshi and my hand landed before my body (I know not the best ukemi) and caused a fair bit of pain in the shoulder. A few days later and a couple of judo locks and osae's later my right shoulder got hyper extended and that too has been hurting pretty badly.
I wasn't able to do a left sode surikomi goshi with the left injury, now I'm afraid just normal right side throws might get difficult, not to mention the 400 or so other techniques that require a relatively healthy body.

I've been told about cortisone shots and that they might be helpful, however I was hoping there might be some other natural cures for this.
Yes (long term) rest is possibly one, but you can imagine with 2 months to a shodan exam, I'm a little concerned about taking a lot of time off. I'm also testing along with someone else so this process affects his training too.

Although I don't usually (most never) take allopathic medication, I'm seriously also thinking about pumping up with pain killers and going back to train (I see the foolishness of this approach even while writing this but I am considering it)

I would really appreciate any suggestions on curing this thing, natural cures preferred but open to anything right now.
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