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Stephen Kotev
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Re: Ellis Amdur in Maryland Jan. 28 - 29

Ron Tisdale wrote:
Nice shot! Too bad my posture isn't better...

I believe that is Stephen Kotev training with me.

Guilty as charged.

I did have the *brief* pleasure of training with Ron as the photo illustrates. I did not feel like I had gotten the rhythm of the technique when I was training with Ron. If I had a little more time with Ron I think it would have been a better training partner. Ron, I must say you do get around. I think I might start calling you The Ubiquitous Mr. Tisdale.

This was my third time seeing Ellis in a seminar format. It was great to see familiar faces again. I hope Jun doesn't mind but I think I'll post my comments once. E-Budo also has a thread running about the same topic:

All the Best,
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