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Edwin Neal
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Re: Culture of Martial Mediocrity?

I consider myself a beginner, but that doesn't mean as Peter suggested that we are incapable of at least getting a glimpse of the 'truth'... it is also clear that for various reasons some beginners and even advanced students miss the truth or deny it, whether through self delusion or delusion by some sensei or a combination of both... aikido is a complete art, encompassing 'all' techniques... what? you say you don't train those kinds of techniques, or they are 'not aikido' or sensei says it will work i just don't understand it yet... these are positions that i understand to be delusional in some sense... the practice of aikido is to remove these delusions both internal and external, but delusions are like 'mind weeds' they grow back... i wish i only had to mow my yard once and be done with it, but sadly the weeds grow nearly as fast as i mow them down sometimes...

Edwin Neal

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