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Re: When is koshinage not koshinage?

Bryan Bateman wrote:
Koshi nage = hip throw (koshi = hips).

Lower back, just above the hips. Anything higher isn't koshi, and can put a lot of undue stress on the back. There are other throws done higher, such as ganseki otoshi, but I wouldn't call anything higher a koshinage.



It is a common misconception that {koshi = hips}. Koshi = lower back. When I tell my Japanese wife that my koshi hurts, she then massages my lower back. You are supposed to load uke onto your lower back not the upper {upper back = senaka}. I'm kinda tall but light and thin and when I load uke on my senaka, I can't breath or walk around. I am one of the lightest guys in my dojo besides a few teenagers.
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