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Scott Prath
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Austin Internal Strength Workshop

Thank you Mike for clarifying the intent of the workshop. Here is the flyer information which summarizes the material we hope to address.

Austin welcomes Mike Sigman, a martial artist dedicated to the underlying
principles of internal strength that serve as a foundation in many of the
traditional arts. This is a two day non-denominational workshop for martial
artists who are interested in understanding and developing internal strength.

This hands-on workshop will include:
€ ground path -- static
€ ground path -- 3 directions, (up/out/in)
€ closing connection -- static
€ ground path + closing -- 4 directions (up/down/out/in)
€ six harmonies -- parameters for using the ground path
€ storing -- storing in the bows along the ground path
€ storing -- storing in the connection of the fascia and "body suit"
€ releasing -- issuing power from the ground

Date: Saturday & Sunday February 18th and 19th
10am -1pm and 2:30pm to 5:30pm both days

Cost: $175 for both days

Location: Sarchen Somatic Arts
5515 Balcones Drive, Austin, Texas 78731
(at the intersection of 2222 and Balcones Drive)

Contact: For more information and to reserve a spot, please contact
Scott Prath at 512-423-7721 or
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