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Re: When is koshinage not koshinage?

I used to think it was best more over the hips (thus hip throw). However I now prefer to use better timing. If you stick your hips in too much it stops the movement and is less fluid. I think it often (but not always) depends how stationary the technique is. Using alot of hip with hard attacks tends to either produce a clash, or put you so close to their body that it is difficult to keep extension and thus lots of energy is used. Practically I'd consider using alot of hip similar to kicking uke's closest leg during techniques e.g. ikkyo, to unbalance them - it's not necessarily the objective, but if you've failed to correctly unbalance the person you are still left with them attatched to you and its better than doing nothing. Thus, in normal training I'd do both, but generally aim for less hips and more focus on uke's displacement (for example I think there is a grey area between tenkan tenchi-nage and a koshi nage).

P.S. the only thing I would say, is that if you are supporting someones body weight during the technique, it is much better to support them on your strong hips, so that only your leg muscles are supporting them, rather than anywhere further up the back (unless you can get your shoulders right under them and you can stay pretty vertical).

Also - I'm not too keen on any technique that requires vertical displacement between feet, hips and shoulders as it provides a potential advantage to uke. Saying this though, Ueshiba can be seen to use 'leaning forward' to displace uke, especially in suwari waza.

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