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Re: Culture of Martial Mediocrity?

Larry Camejo wrote:
..... It's not about an ego trip where I tell people what to do and they have to do it ....
Simple courtesy and respect shouldn't have anything to do with an ego trip.

..... It's about not being afraid to ask an honest question because you see your Sensei as some sort of Aiki_God who is infallible in what he teaches ....
I don't see any of my teacher as Gods who are infallible. And I've never been discouraged from asking "honest questions." Obeying some simple rules of behavior has nothing to do with seeing something as a god -- it's just being polit.

Asking a question about how to do something is one thing. But the underlying premise should be, Look, you're here to teach me something. I'm here to learn from you. How is that worship? It isn't. And there's room for questions. But the person leading the practice is still in charge IMO. That has nothing to do with ego. It's just The Rules.

..... It is the Sensei-worship approach that creates and feeds the culture of martial mediocrity in Aikido and other MA ....
If you equate behaving correctly and being respectful as "worship" then I feel sorry for you. Seriously.

..... I still don't get where you think I'm saying that one should question one's Sensei in a negative manner (i.e. one that attempts to challenge his claim to knowledge of the material he is teaching).
You're not? Good. My mistake.

But the blind faith approach imho is just that - blind ....
It's not a question of "blind faith" in anybody, just respect and a certain amount of common sense. If you go to a martial arts class, presumeably you want to learn that art, and learn something from the person at the front of the room. It has nothing to do with blind faith, worship, or anything like that. He's the teacher, you're the student. Yeah, I probably know some things my sensei doesn't, but I'm there to learn what he's teaching. It's not a question of "worship;" I'm not a "sensei groupie" with his pictures all over my wall. It's just a question of thinking that these are the rules of how you should conduct yourself.

.....Let's suffice it to say that at this point your lenses are not allowing you to get what I am talking about and leave it at that.

Maybe when you start teaching it'll come to you. A search for answers does not equal disrespect.
But assuming no one else has no clue as to those answers because of how they teach is not a good place to start either.
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