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Edwin Neal
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Re: Towards a unified A´kido ?

Budd, i think aikido must include them by the very nature and definition of aikido, but if people don't want to play that way its okay by me... i keep saying it but, most of the oldtimers and Osensei had experience in judo,jj,karate,kendo,yawara,sumo... so these skills were 'assumed', but most aikidoka today and even sensei's don't have that background, so you get wimpy atemi, no groundwork, and then you add on that idea of can't question your sensei, or study other things, and you can't 'add' to aikido, and thats 'not' aikido... well it gets kind of murky... and you end up with stuff that while it can be useful for SD is more like an exercise... i think Osensei meant for aikido to work in all fighting ranges, so to ignore this is bad and potentially very bad for a student in a SD situation...

Edwin Neal

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