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Edwin Neal
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Re: Towards a unified A´kido ?

as an enlightened mystic i take no offense... thanks Budd, for keeping me honest i had forgotten that i had stopped posting on that thread and started dicussing it here... for interested parties this is my original thread on this, good can see how this has evolved...

as i keep saying i am not saying anything like a Mandated Standardized Aikido, enforced by the Aikipolice... but rather something loose and comfortable and friendly so we can address the issue of frauds... and isn't time for a reconciliation? am I the only one that finds it ironic that the art with the aim of unifying and harmonizing can't even do it amongst themselves?

and Budd don't worry if they say your strikes and ne waza aren't aikido... there is good video/photo evidence as well as some direct students of Osensei that will back it... it may not be the main 'core' of aikido, but it certainly falls in the overall scope of aikido...Takemusu Aiki! i too don't think aikido by committee is applicable each person studies for their own reasons, and has unique goals they don't even have to be the same as your dojomates or sensei's... Honesty and sincerity are values I think we all can agree on...

Edwin Neal

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