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Amir Krause
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Re: Towards a unified A´kido ?


The check is on the way

And if you ever come this way - you are invited and I'll be happy to let you kick my but in Randori


I will not answer your questions here since it will change the entire thread direction. As I wrote previously, I know I am not learning from a fraud (I met my sensai teachers in Japan). Let us suffice ourselvs with that.

My point is that a unification with some governing body that gives a "quality stamp" would almost always mean standartization. The quality body has to have some standards.
Those standards would be based on the major styles and unify the, toghether. The smaller styles would not be able to stay within and would become outsiders, suspected frauds because they can never qualify to the standard.

It is difficult enough to be a member of a small style as it is (see your response and immidiate suspicion). Any governing body would only make it more difficult (and then the politics in it would start ... )

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