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Re: Towards a unified A´kido ?

Edwin, use google. Korindo Aikido is a fantastic art, one which I wish was more available. If you get a chance, look up John Goss. Although he is from an off-shoot, he can certainly expose you to a significant portion of the art.

The Ueshiba family did not choose the name aikido. A governing body of martial arts (Butokukai, I believe) made the selection based on many factors. It was originally meant as a broad category of non-sportive martial art, and it certainly applies in the case of Korindo Aikido. Here is an article on the founder of Korindo Aikido. There are more references available by searching the AJ archives.


Edwin Neal wrote:
i am unfamiliar with Korindo Aikido... please link me to any info you could... my belief and understanding is that Osensei developed aikido and i believe historical evidence backs this up... it is unlikely that anything called aikido came from a source other than Osensei, and is possible that there may be politics and ego that we are not aware of that are the real reason your style claims to be independent of Osensei... as i have said before i am not advocating "uniform" techniques, teaching styles or ranking criterion, be adopted... please let me know more about your style...

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