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all of my kuy test except my last one have been 3 hrs long. my last test was 30 min long but only because I had a different sensi. I really dont think time is the factor of how hard a test is. ( although at my 6kuy test the first thing we did was 75 push ups withouth any streching and then 50 bokken shomens and 50 irimies and stuff like that) I believe that a shodan test is going to be way harder on me than any of my other test ( ill see in a couple years eh?) why? because of the mental aspect.mind says to body " come on its your shodan test do better. body to mind " shut up imm doing all the work". but I really wont know although I have heard some senies say their shodan test was 3 days long. ( ouch)

Dallas Adolphsen
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