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Re: Towards a unified A´kido ?

Edwin, as you are no doubt aware, what you may believe in principle is often NOT what you may see in practice. It is much easier to subscribe to an ideal than it is to make it work on command in real life. What you propose sounds good, but won't happen, because everyone would have to believe in the same ideals as you do, and it is human nature that people don't all think the same. The fact that there are good and verifiable lineages among instructors out there makes it possible to simply choose from those whose lineage you recognize and respect, and avoid those that you don't. If a guy won't talk of his teachers or training history, that doesn't make him a bad guy, just one that you might want to avoid "on principle" if you have a choice. That mechanism, and that choice, is already in place for each of us. Nothing more needs to be done.
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