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Re: Self-defense art?

If the argument is that we learn all this stuff to use outside the dojo walls and that it will be nullified by the adrenaline dump that is sure to come regardless of skill level -- then what is wrong in our approach?
This is the nub of the argument regarding many TMA (not just aikido) in that it is more often taught as an end unto itself rather than a specific path to self-defense. This is why many of the posters (including myself) have mentioned that if their interest was primarily self-defense, then their approach teaching aikido would change, often sacrificing some of the more esoteric moves in the process.
The addition of technique is secondary
Here I disagree, the points you mentioned re mental competence are valid from a "keeping yourself safe" point of view. While I agree it should be your formost reaction to situations, but if that's what you're focusing on you don't actually need a martial art and you'd probably be much better promoting money-fu to prevent yourself ever having to be in the situation in the first place.

The practice of martial arts assumes the worst-case scenario in that the confrontation has already happened or is unavoidable. Here, the techniques you know (in the bone so to speak) are paramount as these will dictate your actions.
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