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Re: Shodan test

Originally posted by Mona
The test lasted for two hours (there were only two students 'running for' that bleck belt). One member of the jury took pity on the poor, sweaty, exhausted lads and decided that was enough, even though my Sensei wanted to test them for an additional hour!
2 hours? Holy Frijolies! That's hard on the back to sit and watch that long. Tell them to take some pity on the audience. And he wanted another hour?

How much time does a Shodan test take where you train?
5 minutes where I'm at. Mine, which was elsewhere lasted a whopping 15 minutes. First kyu was longer.

Yet the members of the jury themselves admitted out loud the two students made a lot of mistakes during the test, and there was an obvious lack of discipline coming from one of them. I don't know, but shouldn't you be self-disciplined, well-trained and fully prepared in order to deserve that black belt?
Depends on whether a black belt is that big a deal I suppose. Shodan tests, in my opinion, are seldom things of physical beauty and awe-inspiring perfection.

The one thing that was really good was that the students immediately recognized and executed all of the techniques even though they were stated out in Japanese.
I saw a first kyu where the guy totally spaced the weapons portion. I told him I was going to get him a jo that said this end up. He didn't appreciate my humor. I, on the other hand, still amuse myself when I think about how witty I am at times.

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