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Re: Culture of Martial Mediocrity?

Larry Camejo wrote:
Michael: Based on your later posts, if you only practice what your teacher has shown you and he has forgotten part of the repertoire because of a lack of systematic training methods (hypothetical case of course) and as a result you are never shown certain things, then is that area of the system lost forever?

Also, what if another student who trains with you today has experienced a technique from your instructor that for some reason you have never seen, does this give you the right when you both become teachers one day to say that what he is teaching is incorrect? Simply because you never saw it being done by your teacher?
If I knew he got it from the same teacher I had, no. And I assume I would find out at some point.

.... If you simply follow what your teacher does and don't attempt to go closer to the source of the system you still run the risk of losing parts of it if it is never revealed to you by your teacher for any reason ....
And exactly how am I supposed to get "closer to the source of the system" than the person who has, presumeably, been doing it long than me, and logically, should be "closer to the source" than I am? What does "closer to the source" mean, anyway? Internalize the underlying principles? That's a matter of time. Get a better handle on O Sensei's thinking? There are books with that material are there. Study the arts he studied? That would entail going to a Kenjutus or jujutsu dojo. Daito-Ryu Aikijutsu is also around, though not as widespread as Aikido.

And how am I supposed to know what he is or isn't passing on? Who am I to presume what he should and shouldn't be teaching ME!? Would it be unable to do irimi nage exactly as I do in the dojo while sparring in Kali? There are any number of reasons why that would or wouldn't happen.

.... It seems to me that you are taking concepts from Silat tradition and applying them to Aikido incorrectly .....
Well, I've never been under the impression that hormat had any excpetions, ie was for Serak only but you could throw it out the window for anything else. Everyone in Guro Andy's lineages take respect seriously, and he's drilled that into me. I can't go wrong applying it to Aikido.

.... Aikido is not Koryu.

If that's your justification for advising people to question their senseis, I hope you keep that in mind when some jerks start talking back to you.
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