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Re: Shodan test

Originally posted by Mona
For the first time, I attended a Shodan test at our dojo, and I must say, it was quite impressive, and made my gokyu test look like a joke!
The really good tests to watch when preparing for an exam or just to help focus your training when relatively new are the exams one level above yours. They will be impressive, but they'll feel a little more attainable, and also set some expectations for you.
So, do you think they deserved that black belt? And could you describe one interesting Shodun test you'd attended?
I didn't see it, but the board gave them the belts, so sure they deserved it.

I just had my own exam a few weeks ago. The exam was about 30 minutes and they range from 30-60 minutes depending on a lot of variables.

I had plenty of technical details that I felt I had managed poorly at the time, but my instructors not only gave me constructive feedback, they left me to critically analyze the exam myself with the caveat that they felt I did fantastic.

IOW, despite my flaws, they felt I was where I should be for a shodan examination and that with the exception of a few very general areas of growth that they gave me to work on, that I had the tools to improve myself. In a sense, that is a big part of what shodan is about in our dojo. First step.

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