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Awefully Annoyed

Now I'm normally not like this, but I'm a little annoyed at Budovideos. I've ordered 5 titles from them totaling around $300AUD - which is something quite expensive for a student. So I did the right thing by buying Priority International Posting through Fedex which is faster. However its been 3.5 weeks and I still havent received them.

I got worried after about the 2nd week so I emailed them. They told me that they were waiting on a title - which I thought was ok, and they told me it should be there by the end of the week. It didn't come so I thought maybe there was confusion on my address so once again I emailed and they said they were still waiting but should be there by the end of the third week. And guess what I'm still waiting. I'm so annoyed because I start my course soon (academic course), and wanted the videos before starting it so I could watch them in its entirety and not worry bout other things...

So I'll guess I'll just have to wait

My thing to you guys are, what should I do? I know I could continue to wait, but it seems like they keep putting me off, should I be worried? Have you guys bought from budovideos? What were your experiences?
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