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Re: Shodan Test

Sitting at work reading through the posts and i come across this one...
I start reading thinking, hey, I did my grading in august with 11 others aswell!
then I realised it was you!

Hi Chris!

I agree with you of course.
In our association you must wait to be invited to take your dan grading, you cannot ask to be put forward, you must be seen to be 'good enough'. you can train for years as a brown belt and stay brown belt if you are not seen to have progressed to the standard where you can call yourself shodan.
in this way the grade is earned through years of training and not based on a single test.
the test is more a formality, more a deomnstration of skill than an actual test (although that does not make you any less nervous).

our longest grading is usually 1st kyu, that is when you go through pretty much everything

I am wondering, those people who have the huge dan gradings... are you invited to grade or do you choose when you are ready?


Originally posted by bluwing27
Interesting posts on here about shodan tests. I took my shodan in August and the whole test took approximatley 2 hours...but bare in mind there were 11 people up there with i gues my actual 'performance' took no longer than 15 minutes in total. I think this is because a shodan test is really only the icing on the cake....what makes a shodan is not what he or she can pull off in a grading, under examination conditions, but all of the work he or she has put in in order get to that point of grading.

To be made a shodan purely on what you can pull off in a grading, in my opinion, is not the most sensible way of doing it. You can allude it to driving tests......who will be the best driver?....a person who has had 50 driving lessons and then passes the test or a person who has taken a crash course and then passes the test?

I guess it all comes down to so many things do

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