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Re: Culture of Martial Mediocrity?

Edwin Neal wrote:
in a sense ALL martial arts are aikido... i think of aikido as a Meta martial art... if takemusu aiki means that the techniques of aikido are infinite, then doesn't that mean all techniques of all arts... indeed in my experience the more you study other arts the more you see this... aikido is nothing new and its techniques come from many other arts... Osensei even said to absorb other arts and use them to further our own waza... see his quote in post #134
I'll agree with the idea that at a certain level, all martial arts are very similar if not the same. That's why Guro Dan Inosanto is famous for saying "motion is universal."

But he's part of Guro Andy;s lineage, and Guro Andy is adamant about keeping the curricula unchaged. "If I don't see Guro Dan do it," he says, "I won't do it."

It's one thing if you are creating your own art or your own style. You can do whatever you want. But when it comes to propogating someone else's art, I think you have an obligation to pass on what you've learned without messing with it. If you think it's ok to pile several arts together and call it "Aikido," go right ahead. But I never would.
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