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Edwin Neal
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Ai symbol Re: Self-defense art?

good questions Ian... aikido by definition is transcendant( ), and thereby perfect and limitless... have any of us reached this in our practice?... well i haven't, but i have had what i believe are glimpses or hints that that state is possible... i would guess that lots of people have had 'aiki-moments'... i made a general statement with regards to practice and instruction, not a statement claiming there was a perfect practice or instruction... people are the sum of their experiences, we all bring our own stains and imperfections to everything we do... aikido is misogi, a practice to 'fix' these is indeed because of Osensei's experience and lifestyle that one may reach this conclusion... he chose other MA (although not exclusively so) because they also had experience that would lead them ultimately to this same conclusion...
if any see this as 'condescending'... i apologize again... i have given no 'orders' that 'must' be obeyed merely made observations and discussed issues that we all agree are 'limitless'... most of my 'questions' are not to be taken personally, but to further the discussion... is it not the height of arrogance to not concern yourself with your fellow man? would you watch someone drown or would you reach out to save them, even at the risk of your own life?

Edwin Neal

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